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Agronometrics in Charts: IBO to Opens Up Global Blueberry Market Data to All

The International Blueberry Organization (IBO), in collaboration with Agronometrics is currently in the midst of developing the 2021 State of the Blueberry Industry Report. An overview of the global blueberry industry, offering invaluable information on trends and new developments taking place in this rapidly evolving category.

This will be the third iteration of the publication that Agronometrics has been invited to collaborate on, bringing with it many innovations that will help explain how producing regions are evolving to feed global demand for this highly sought after berry.

Free Access

One of the most important updates to the report will be that it is being made freely available as a print-ready PDF. As co-authors of the report, we couldn't be happier to work with the IBO on this project. Our hope is that building these insights on a global scale will offer a level of transparency that few industries enjoy. We clearly believe in the value of information and its abilities to reduce the barriers to entry as an avenue to create new opportunities. Be it maintaining current operations, entering new markets, or even getting started in the sector for the first time, this report will offer insight to help the industry grow.

It’s efforts like these that lead to a more collaborative industry. As the category matures, bringing stakeholders together to have active and informed conversation based on objective and contextualized information will be key to continuing the growth trend that blueberries have enjoyed over the last two decades.

Helping your Brand reach the Blueberry Community.

Helping your Brand reach the Blueberry Community. As a companion to the global insights and in-depth analysis, the report looks to become a stage from which industry participants can present themselves to the blueberry community. In the words of Peter McPherson, Chairman of the IBO, “This report offers a unique opportunity not only for industry players to keep themselves updated and make the best decisions for their organizations, but also for advertising companies to reach a targeted audience that represents over 90% of the worldwide fresh blueberry production, and also to increase brand awareness about their products or services.”

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Written by: Colin Fain
Original published in on April 13, 2021 (Link)


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